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> Cost Sheet

Visualize, at any time, what is the operating cost of your company, viewing the planned information, configuring the extraction of information from the concepts, as well as the capture of operational statistics.

Assign the necessary permissions for users to see only the information that corresponds to them from the different Types of Cost Sheets.

Design models tailored to your company

Easily configure all the information of Plans and the extraction of information for the concepts of the reports. Generate Monthly Expense reports by mine, period, activity, etc.

Information displayed in mine reports.

The concepts of Labor are based on the calculation of the Total Authorized Materials for the month.

Concept groupings

To capture the corresponding information for the month, concepts are grouped by different Type of Concept: Personnel Area, Labor, Materials, Production.

Information extraction settings for the month

Obtaining the information is based on the configuration in each type of Cost Sheet to extract the consumption of the month by Item Code, Item Group, Fleet, Equipment Group, Accounting Account, etc.

Global mine report

The basic information for the generation of the Global Mine Report is:

  • Law of Head.
  • Tons of Tepetate.
  • The information necessary for the Total Calculation of Authorized materials is the breakdown of the information on the plans for the inputs. These plans will be captured in their entirety for the entire year.
  • For the Tumble sheets, it is necessary to capture the breakdown of the tons by type of drilling, as well as for Development, it is necessary to capture the meters of advance by type of drilling.
  • For the global reports of the Mine, it is necessary to confirm the capture of the Ley de Cabeza and Tons de Tepetate to obtain the “Cost / Pound of Cu produced”.
Supplies report

This report is generated based on the captures of the results in the mine report. The breakdown of the Explosives, Steel, Diesel, and RockDrill Oil concepts is shown.

Shows unit prices, consumption indices, extended information for the calculation of consumption indices.

Annual plans for concept and supplies

The Annual Plan is the result of the Production Plan that is under development, which generates the plans for all periods of the year.

Plans by concept

It shows the plans by concepts that are specified in the configuration of the Sheet Type template:

  • Input Breakdown Capture
  • Annual view of the Consumption Indices.
  • Annual view of the Unit Prices of the breakdown of Inputs.
Consumption Indices

It shows the plans by concepts that have a breakdown of inputs:

  • Breakdown of catch by Type of Drill.
Types of Cost Sheets

It allows the configuration of the Sections, extraction of information, formulas and concepts handled, which were previously captured in the Cost Sheet. It allows:

  • Assign permissions to users to access the types of cost sheets required.
  • Modification of the information extraction template for the concepts indicated, such as the materials section, for example.
  • It allows to generate the Types of Cost Sheets.
  • You can define the order to display in the report.
  • It can be assigned to be compared against the total meters of advance or tons of the month depending on the type of result.
  • Details of the section with concepts based on formulas.
  • Information extraction configuration templates.

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