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Our reporting tool features an intuitive runtime report designer and a rich set of report controls, including crosstab and graphs, so you and your users can create reports with unmatched informational elegance and clarity.

The long-term success of the business depends entirely on the accurate exchange of mission-critical information throughout the organization. Demonstrating the impact of individual decisions for management and employees requires an intuitive reporting platform, with exceptional performance and customization options.

BSD Mining contains a fully integrated Report Designer, Report Wizards, Predefined Report Templates, and End User Report Designers so you can create the best, without limits or compromises.

Diseñe modelos a la medida de su empresa

Configure de manera sencilla toda la información de Planes y la extracción de información por los conceptos de los reportes. Genere reportes de Gastos Mensuales por mina, periodo, actividad, etc.

Información mostrada en reportes de mina.

Lo conceptos de Mano de Obra se basan en el cálculo del Total de Materiales Autorizados del mes.

Agrupaciones de conceptos

Para la captura de la información correspondiente del mes, se agrupan conceptos por diferente Tipo de Concepto: Área de Personal, Mano de Obra, Materiales, Producción.

Configuración de extracción de información del mes

La obtención de la información se basa en la configuración en cada tipo de Hoja de Costos para extraer los consumos del mes por Código de Artículo, Grupo de Artículos, Flotilla, Grupo de Equipos, Cuenta Contable, etc.

Fully customizable report types

Create elegant, easy-to-read reports. Use our built-in reports to generate a variety of report types, from simple mail merge, table, and vertical reports to master details (hierarchical) and crosstab reports. Take advantage of our built-in report templates to create clear, concise, and full-format documents to address your organization's analytics requirements.

Report Designers

Power users demand choice and want to control the information they distribute within the company. The need to meet these requirements can be overwhelming, especially for reporting. With its powerful report designers, BSD Mining makes it easy to integrate report customization at runtime.

Rich data visualization

Complete set of user interface elements. The goal is simple: provide business users with the information they need to monitor business results and make smart decisions in real time. While the goal may be simple, the reality is that most reports are rigid and do not allow users to efficiently explore information on their own terms. Changing business needs demand that a reporting solution offer simple and straightforward customization options for the end user, so that report consumers can freely manipulate the output to maximize clarity. Flexibility is key and ease of use is paramount.

Advance. Print. To export

The data export is fully formatted. Set up reports and preview the result with the provided data. Add Report Preview to your desktop to show reports to end users.

Our controls allow you to create fillable request forms and allow users to edit fields / cells, upload images, and draw signatures directly in Print Preview.

BSD Mining reports support numerous file formats for exporting data (PDF, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, and images).

Data modeling and analysis

Create reports that inform and participate. Whether you create a desktop or web application, you can enable the same data configuration and analysis features:

  • Conditional format.
  • Interactive classification.
  • Filtering and grouping of data.
  • Deepen.
  • Calculated fields.
  • Report parameters.
  • Summaries and aggregates.

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